When an ADSL modem loses line sync, it cannot communicate with the DSLAM at telephone exchange.
The ADSL light on your modem router should be continuously lit (not flashing).
If the ADSL LINK LED on the modem router does not stay continuously ON, please follow these steps.

v                        Step 1. Power Cycle the modem.

  1. Check power light and Ethernet light are stable.
  2. If all lights are flashing continuously there is a problem with modem adapter or Modem itself.
  3. Check the modem by replacing adapter or seek help from NiB.

    Step 2. Double confirm the physical connectivity.
  1. Check that the RJ11 socket marked as ‘Modem’ in the FILTER is connected to the ADSL Modem.
  2. The telephone cord should be connected to the PHONE socket of the Filter.
  3. The “Line” socket of the filter should be connected to wall socket or Rosette.
  4. Remember: ADSL will work on twisted pair only, untwisted pairs should not be used. 
  5. Check RJ11 jack and connectors in the modem, line cards, and rosette for moisture in the contacts.
    If so, use contact cleaning oil to clean the jack and pin.

v                           Step 3. Check your telephone cord

a, Check that the telephone cord is not tangled, does not have kinks or knots on it.
 Try using a shorter telephone cord, not more than 3m long.
b, Check the RJ11 connector for rust / fungus in the pins.

      Step 4. Line Noise

v  Another common cause of ADSL/Broadband dropouts is line noise.
Pick up the telephone handset and listen for any static/crackling. (verify for few minutes)

v                             Step 5. Isolation Test
To perform the isolation test, do the following:

v  Unplug all devices that connect up to a phone socket in the house.

v  Unplug any filters from your ADSL modem.

v  Plug your ADSL modem straight into a telephone socket in the wall, preferably with the shortest possible cable.

v  At this stage, the only thing plugged into a telephone socket will be ADSL modem.

v  Leave the modem in isolation for approximately 15 minutes, watching the ADSL light on the modem.

v  If the DSL light doesn’t turn ON solid even after 5 minutes, reset the ADSL port in the exchange.

v                             Step6. ADSL MODULATION TYPE

  1. Some modems functions properly in ADSL2+ only Or G.DMT only.
    Try by changing the modem modulation type to G.DMT or  ADSL2+
    For long distance line G.DMT might be good.

v                             Step 7. DSLAM PORT test at MDF.

v  Test the port in the MDF by using test modem.

v  Reset the port using utility portal if dsl link not ok.

v  Check for loose contacts in MDF krone module.

v  If everything fails, change the port in MDF and change the port in CLARITY application also.

v                              Step 8. DSLAM PROFILE
If the cable distance is more than 4km ask NiB to limit the profile by 2Mbps or 1Mbps.If ADSL link is Ok, finally check the line condition by measuring data rate and corresponding SNR value. 

                        Step 9. CHECK THE LINE STATUS.

  1. SNR greater than 8 db is just OK but may not be reliable.
  2. SNR above 15db in both download & upload direction is good.
  3. SNR above 20db is best if the data rate also greater than 2Mbps.