The Internet light tells you whether the modem is connected to the Internet or not.  

If the Internet light is solid green or flickering green, then the modem is connected to the Internet..

If it's flashing green, modem is sending/receiving data.

Troubleshooting steps for no internet light in the modem.

  1. Try by rebooting the modem first.
  2. Check the port with test modem if ‘No internet’ for ‘pprecharge’ also then reset the port.
    (This issue occurs mostly in UTSTARCOM make dslams) MENU 2.d
  3. If internet light OK for test modem, then check broadband login name for active or suspended status.
    MENU 2.b
  4. Verify the port in the server and the port assigned when login with ‘pprecharge’  MENU 3.a
    If the port is different, correct the binding through CLARITY application.(raise a complaint docket first)
  5. Check modem settings.
    Vpi/vci =0/35, Encapsulation=LLC, Service=Enabled, NAT=ON, Default route=ON
    Mode: PPPoE,  Re-enter username and password
  6. Reset broadband password through CRM or seek help from Nib.
  7. Check line SNR & data rate also.
  8. If internet light LED frequently goes to RED, set ‘Keep alive’=ON in the modem WAN setup and check line SNR & datarate. 

For no data or internet light check the following:
i, Check the port for pprecharge login
ii, Check the binding & nas-ip
iii,Check the status of login-id for inactive.
iv,Reset the password